domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Homework: Composition about the mind

  In my opinion, the human mind can be compared to a control Center of the human body. I believe that we are exactly what we think we are.

  For example, if we think that we are sick, our brain accepts this command and sends signals to our body that can make us really sick.

  Many writers and scientists try to understand the human mind and claim based on several studies that human mind is the biggest and best existing computer.

  According to studies by psychologist and scientists, the human mind can be programmed to make our body do things that previously didn’t know or was not used, therefore, if we set the mind, the body will perform. The mind refers to the interior of humans and is directly linked to our desires, fears and feelings; therefore, we are really what we think we are and is the mind that gives us that power.

By: Ana Carla Goulart

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